best truck tires for towing

5 Best Truck Tires for Towing Travel Trailers

Tires are one of those things that are easy to overlook, but they can really make or break your towing experience. When it’s time to replace the rubber on your truck, you must ask yourself the right tires that will really get the job done for your particular RV setup. You can’t just tell your mechanic to slap on whatever’s cheapest or in stock. As any experienced RVer will tell you to find the best truck tires for towing to ensure safe, smooth travels.

There are a gazillion tire options out there, all claiming to be the best. Let’s cut through the noise and discuss about 5 real-world tested truck tires that deliver when you need them most. We’ve picked these based on tons of reviews from actual owners, not just fancy marketing.

We’ll cover your bases whether you’re towing a huge 5th wheel or a lightweight RV. And remember, what works for your neighbor might be totally wrong for your rig. So, get the right one from our list for your setup. 

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best truck tires for towing

Nitto Terra Grappler G2 Traction Radial Tire

Nitto Terra Grappler G2 Traction Radial Tire

After using the Nitto Terra Grappler G2 tires on our truck for a couple thousand miles, we can confidently say they are some of the best truck tires for towing a travel trailer

The tires have an aggressive tread pattern that really grips the road, even when towing heavy loads. We also consider them the best all terrain tires for towing since we’ve driven them on interstates, backroads, and even some light off-roading, and they perform incredibly well in all conditions. The deep tread blocks give great traction on wet roads, which is crucial here in the rainy southern climate.

With a load index of 116, these tires are reinforced to handle over 2,750 pounds each. We’ve hauled some fairly heavy trailers and equipment without any issues. The tires feel sturdy and help stabilize the truck. We also appreciate the quiet, comfortable ride they provide, even when unloaded.

You can drive these tires for hundreds and thousands of miles before they give up. They can last 75k+ miles and that’s impressive durability in our experience. 

For the traction, stability, and longevity they provide, they are easily the best truck tires for towing in their price range. Just be sure to have them professionally mounted for optimal safety and performance.


  • Excellent traction and grip, even when towing heavy loads
  • Durable tread design 
  • Reinforced construction handles over 2,750 lbs per tire
  • Quiet, comfortable ride when unloaded
  • Good performance on wet roads


  • May not handle as well as highway tires at high speeds
  • Not optimized for winter driving conditions
  • Requires professional mounting for safety

Milestar Patagonia M/T Mud-Terrain Radial Tire

Milestar Patagonia M/T Mud-Terrain Radial Tire

Having the right tires is crucial for control and safety when you’re towing heavy loads. The Milestar Patagonia M/T mud-terrain tires could be the best truck tires for towing a trailer off-road. 

The aggressive tread pattern on these tires grips incredibly well, even in muddy or loose soil conditions. We’ve towed our trailer and the tires dig in and provide traction where other all-terrains spin uselessly. The chunky blocks and deep voids fling mud and clear quickly, keeping the tread engaged.

The Patagonia M/T are one of the best truck tires for towing a heavy rig. With a load range of D and capacity of 2,270 pounds each, they provide stability for heavier towing duties. 

Our rig feels planted and secure, with no swaying or wandering, even pulling bulky equipment through the backcountry. The stiff sidewalls and reinforced ply construction gives us peace of mind.

Surprisingly, these mud terrains are quiet and smooth on pavement as well. We would have expected more road noise from the aggressive tread, but they handle highway driving better than expected when unloaded.

The only downsides may be somewhat shorter treadwear compared to an all-terrain, and less traction on icy roads. But from a traction and towing perspective, the Patagonia M/T is hard to beat if you need to frequently haul heavy loads off-road. The grip and control they provide make them the best light truck tires for towing.


  • Excellent mud traction and grip for off-road towing
  • Aggressive tread pattern clears mud and debris
  • Reinforced construction handles over 2,270 lbs per tire
  • Provides stability when towing heavy loads
  • Surprisingly smooth and quiet on pavement


  • May wear faster than all-terrain tires
  • Not optimized for on-road towing
  • May hydroplane more easily in wet conditions

Travelstar Ecopath AT LT265/70R18 Tire

Travelstar Ecopath AT LT265/70R18 124/121S E Rated 10 Ply All Terrain

The Travelstar Ecopath AT could be the best truck tires for towing 5th wheel rigs because of their capacity to handle heavy loads. For the same reason, they are also one of the best pickup tires for towing.

The reinforced construction and extra load rating on these LT tires gives us peace of mind when towing. With a capacity over 3,500 pounds each and durable ply construction, they easily handle the weight of a loaded 5th wheel and stabilize our truck. 

We’ve logged thousands of miles towing through all kinds of conditions, and the Travelstars provide a stable, solid feel thanks to their sturdy build. We can safely call them the best tires for towing heavy loads.

Another key benefit is their all-terrain tread design, which gives us versatility. The aggressive pattern and angled siping grips well off-road while still being quiet and smooth on the highway. We can tow our 5th wheel to rural campsites and rely on the Travelstars to provide traction on dirt and gravel. Yet they still deliver a comfortable ride on pavement.

For us, the balanced on- and off-road performance is ideal for a tire that needs to tow heavy 5th wheel trailers and handle everyday driving. Our only complaint is that the tread life is a bit shorter than premium tires. But given the affordable price, all-season capability, and reliable wet/dry traction, the Travelstar Ecopath AT is an excellent value choice as the best tires for fifth wheel towing


  • Reinforced construction handles heavy 5th wheel loads
  • Load rating over 3,500 lbs per tire
  • All-terrain tread good on pavement and off-road
  • Good value for the price point
  • Reliable wet and dry traction


  • Treadwear warranty not as long as premium tires
  • Not specialized for winter conditions
  • Not as durable as more expensive options

Falken 28034713 Wildpeak AT3W All Terrain Radial Tire

Falken 28034713 Wildpeak AT3W All Terrain Radial Tire

When you’re living in an RV, it’s crucial to have the right tires on the tow vehicle. We have confidence in the Falken Wildpeak AT3W as the best tires for towing travel trailer units. 

The Wildpeak AT3W combines rugged off-road traction with impressive on-road manners, making it a versatile tire for towing. The tread patterns and siped blocks grip well on loose terrain like gravel campsites, providing control when backing up the trailer. The silica tread compound delivers a smooth, quiet highway ride when cruising with a trailer in tow.

With a load rating over 2,600 pounds per tire, the Falken has the reinforced construction to handle a loaded travel trailer. We feel very stable towing, without the swaying or wandering that can happen with weaker tires. The AT3W’s snowflake rating gives us confidence towing in severe winter weather too.

While their 55,000 mile treadwear warranty is lower than more expensive options, it’s still one of the best truck tires for towing if you consider the price. The affordability and the balanced on/off-road performance make it a great value tire for travel trailer needs. We plan to install another set soon to be ready for more camping adventures this season!


  • The tread provides traction off-road and on gravel
  • Load rating over 2,600 pounds per tire
  • Provides stability when towing in severe weather
  • Balanced on-road and off-road performance
  • Impressive snowflake rated winter traction
  • Reasonable price for the quality


  • Not optimized for dry pavement towing
  • Some road noise, especially as tread wears
  • May not last as long as premium highway tires

MICHELIN Defender LTX M/S All Season Radial Tire

MICHELIN Defender LTX M/S All Season Radial Car Tire for Light Trucks

After logging over 50,000 miles with Michelin Defender LTX tires on our tow rig, we can pretty much vouch for them as the best tires for towing RV.

The Defender LTX is engineered specifically for high-load applications like RVs. The reinforced MaxTouch construction provides strength to handle the weight of a loaded camper, while the wide tread distributes it evenly. This gives us stability and control while towing, even at highway speeds. The tires feel planted and reduce swaying compared to many other brands we’ve tried.

We also appreciate their wet weather traction and snow performance. The evolving tread design adapts as it wears to maintain grip in varying conditions. However, these are non-winter tires, so avoid driving them in snowy and completely wet conditions. 

While not the cheapest option, the Michelins are worth the investment for us. Their 71,000 mile (115,000 kilometers) treadwear warranty ensures years of reliable service towing heavy loads. These are one of the best truck tires for towing


  • Load rating over 3,700 lbs per tire
  • Provides stability and control when towing
  • Adapting tread maintains grip as it wears
  • Good value given long tread life


  • Expensive upfront cost
  • May be overkill for light RV towing

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