RV Queen Mattress vs Regular Queen Mattress

RV Queen Mattress vs Regular Queen Mattress: What Are the Differences?

Is an RV queen mattress different from a regular queen mattress? Can you use a regular Queen-size cushion instead of the stock RV in your rig? Well, if you compare an RV Queen mattress vs regular Queen mattress, they don’t have many differences.

However, there are still some minor distinctions that you should learn about before spending money on a new mattress for your RV.

The Differences Between an RV Queen Mattress vs Regular Queen Mattress

An RV is a mini mobile home, so manufacturers have to design them by keeping their limited space in mind. The RV short queen mattresses are also made differently because of that same reason.

The manufacturers prioritize the mattress’s usability and functionality before the user’s comfort. It is solely to save space and to put less strain on the RV.

On those grounds, let’s discuss the differences between an RV queen mattress vs regular queen mattress:


An RV queen mattress is typically shorter than a regular queen mattress. That’s because travel trailers are usually smaller than traditional homes, so the manufacturers need to save space wherever they can.

The Queen mattress in your rig is approximately 5 to 6 inches shorter than a regular Queen. The manufacturers often use the term ‘three-quarter-queen,’ and its measurements are just like the name suggests, 48 inches by 75 inches instead of a regular 60″ X 80″.

A trailer Queen could also be narrower by a few inches than a Queen you use at home. It makes sense because the stock beds in most RVs are not up to the mark. For this reason, many campers are compelled to change the mattresses of their rigs.


RV Queens are not just shorter; they are also thinner than regular Queens. On the retail markets, commonly available RV mattresses are in the rectangle shape, fit for one or two people to sleep in.

So why are RV queen mattresses thinner than regular queen mattresses? The answer is simple: space. RVs are smaller than most homes, so every inch counts. By having a thinner mattress, you can save precious space that can be used for other things, like vertical storage.

camper stock mattress
The stock mattress will be less comfortable.


RVs are mobile homes that need to be as light as possible for better maneuverability. So many things need to be crammed into that space that manufacturers have to cut corners to keep the weight lower. A trailer carrying more weight than the specified limit can strain the towing vehicle’s engine.

For this reason, RV makers use less dense materials or may remove the springs, foams, or gel from the mattress to make it lighter.

However, RV Queen mattresses are available in various weights because campers are available in all different sizes. So, you will find Queen mattresses from 40 to 150 lbs. On the other hand, standard Queen mattresses weigh around 80 to 120 lbs.

Another space-saving move is to use foldable beds in travel trailers. These beds are collapsible and lightweight to fit the compact RV interior. They are very different from the regular queen mattress you are used to at home.


If you compare the comfortability of an RV queen mattress vs regular queen mattress, there is not much difference. If you spend a good amount of money, you can get high-quality Queen mattresses both for travel trailers and home usage.

Unfortunately, most stock RV mattresses are about as comfortable as a concrete floor. They’re hard, they’re lumpy, and they’re just not conducive to a good night’s sleep.

They are made with cheap materials and often with a polyfoam layer, so they are not a good choice for resting after a day of driving, hiking, fishing, or other activities.

These stock mattresses are also much harder and less forgiving than regular mattresses. This can make them difficult to sleep on if you’re not used to it, especially if you have a more petite frame.

It’s better to upgrade to a higher-end mattress. Many companies make RV-specific mattresses that are much more comfortable than stock options.

If you have to use the stock option, use an RV mattress topper. It will add some extra cushioning and support to your mattress. It’s also a great way to add some extra warmth in colder weather. There are various toppers on the market, so make sure to find one that’s right for you.

It’s clear from the above discussion that there is not much difference between RV and regular Queen mattresses except for the size. Now you can purchase one that suits your budget and your requirements.

Also, change the stock mattress if you want a relaxing sleeping experience in your RV. It’s important to use camper mattresses that are suitable for traveling and long journeys.

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