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The Most Expensive Motorhomes That Might Cost More Than Your House

You might think that those RVs which cost north of $150,000 are luxurious enough for any kind of traveling, but have you ever wondered what the best luxury RV models in the world have to offer and what prices they command? The true “luxury” homes on wheels mostly start from around $500,000 and the starting prices for most expensive RVs in the world can stretch to over $1 million. 

Read on to check out how these luxury motorhomes can actually cost more than your house. Below is a list of the most extravagant, top of the line RV models equipped with everything you would need for a comfortable long trip and beyond.

And if the world’s most expensive RVs in this list are out of your reach, you will find a list of more affordable brands of luxury rigs at the end of this article, so that you might be able to travel like a king without breaking the bank.

The Most Luxurious RVs: The Cost

While many RV models costing below $200,000 are marketed as “luxury”, luxury RV prices start around $120,000 for the true luxury Class B motorhomes.

Meanwhile, high-end Class A or Super C motorhomes prices start from around $500,000 to as much as $3 million and over, that is if you go for the extra options and customization.

Reasons To Buy The Best Luxury RV

Now you might not be capable of or willing to spend a million dollars for a motorhome, but there are solid reasons for opting for a high quality RV, or an “affordable” luxury model, aside from all the extra features that you can live without:

More Living Space and Privacy

Many travelers opt for a luxury home on wheels to live and travel full time in, instead of purchasing a traditional brick and mortar home. As such, space and privacy is of top priority, especially if you travel as a big family. There are even 2-story luxury RVs which can offer you and your family large living space and privacy as big houses do.

More Customization

For campers who travel often and those with special needs, customizability is another critical consideration, and luxury coaches are unmatched in this aspect. Especially if you’re planning to travel for life and own your rig for decades to come, purchasing a fully customized home on wheels is a worthwhile investment. 

Heavy Duty Construction and Amenities

Generally speaking, the best luxury RVs are built using more heavy duty materials, not to mention the design and engineering are on another level. This means these high-end motorhomes can withstand rougher terrain and more extreme environments, plus they will last much longer and lose less in resale value.

Luxury RVs also boast higher quality furnishings that are more comfortable and can last a lifetime, and even when those real leather and wood furniture are worn, they would still look good with their natural patina.

Safer, More Comfortable Ride

You might overlook this, but it’s important to mention that the most expensive RVs are generally safer and more comfortable to drive and ride in. They usually come with a complete package of driver assist technologies and advanced navigation and full-coach control systems.

The Most Expensive RVs That Will Wow You

Marchi Mobile’s EleMMent Palazzo Superior: From $3 million 

best luxury RVs
Photo: Marchi Mobile

The Austrian brand Marchi Mobile is known as the maker of the absolute most expensive campers in the whole world, the ultra-extravagant EleMMent Palazzo Superior with a starting price of $3 million. To own this billionaire luxury RV, you definitely need to be a multi-millionaire or a billionaire. This high-end motorhome with a fishbowl-style cockpit has everything any camper would ever want. Plus, you get quite a few extra features and details you would never imagine to find in this 45-foot-long, 8-foot-wide home on wheels.

Ample living space is one of the perks you get for your money. This oversized RV also boasts an expandable section that can be opened to 16 feet wide, which translates to around 732 square feet of interior living space. You’re technically living in an RV, but it would not feel like that at all. 

Everything about this RV screams “luxury”, with an exclamation mark, from the ahead-of-its-time design and the robust structure made of high performance carbon fiber materials and outstanding insulation, right down to every single detail like the integrated yacht windows. 

Some notable features include a 40-inch TV and a four-meter couch in the living room, a bathroom with a glazed rainfall shower and an adjoining spa retreat, while the master bedroom features Italian bed linen and a king bed made from the same company that supplies to the British Royal family. 

But the most jaw-dropping of all is an expandable rooftop deck that rises up from the EleMMent Palazzo’s body to create a lounge. It boasts integrated furniture, a sky canopy, radiant floor heating, and complete with a badass audio system, so you can leisurely enjoy the panoramic views or transform it to your own personal rooftop nightclub once in a while.

Featherlite Vantare Platinum Plus: From $2.5 million

Available for upwards of $2.5 million, the Featherlite Coaches is another one of the most expensive RVs on the planet. Although it doesn’t offer the wow-inducing rooftop deck of the EleMMent Palazzo, it offers more than you would ever need while you hit the road.

At a glance, this elite coach offers ample storage, a user-friendly full-coach control system and easily adjustable fixtures for more adaptability, so that you can bring along anything you would need and really make this coach your home. Everywhere you turn, you would find functionality, quality and aesthetics galore.

The interior is adorned with the finest grade of finish materials. Elegant and refined features include custom Italian leather sofa, Swarovski-crystal lighting fixtures, marble entry steps, custom copper countertops, made-in-France bath hardware, and hand-made furniture and accessories by renowned artists in no short supply. 

Furrion ELYSIUM: From $2.5 million

Also available for a starting price of $2.5 million, the elite coach Furrion ELYSIUM is no doubt an extravagant offering that would make your jaw drop. In summary, you would find here everything a luxury penthouse apartment would have in this 45-foot long and 8-foot wide fully operational motorhome. 

The most notable addition is the rooftop hot tub, a helicopter and a retractable sun deck slash helipad to boot. Other high-end features include three 75-inch 4K televisions within a high performance all-in-one entertainment system, a smart toilet and a smart shower, and a state-of-the-art kitchen.

Of course, to command this kind of price, the Furrion ELYSIUM is not all about over-the-top finishing touches. The manufacturer takes pride in collaborating with seasoned innovators to create the best human-centered experiences inside their home on wheels. The Furrion ELYSIUM is the ultimate bespoke solution to the nomad life. 

Volkner Mobil Performance Perfection S: From $2.4 million

The 35-foot Performance Perfection is another of the best luxury RV offerings by the celebrated German maker Volker Mobil – one of the most well-known high-end RV brands

Functionality and customizability are what people usually expect from a high-end German-engineered offering, and the Performance Perfection delivers just that. You can fully customize your dream home on wheels from the different layouts, interior materials, design and color scheme, hardware and accessories. 

The chassis are built in-house by Volkner’s engineers, although it does include components from Volvo. As for interior amenities and features, let’s skip the basics (because it has everything and anything) and jump right in all the loud bells and whistles, like the $350,000+ Burmester custom sound system. 

The Performance Perfection offers a patented garage that can house a compact vehicle like Mini Cooper or Fiat 500, plus ample space so you can bring along any camping gear and toy you want. Oh, wait, and if you’re willing to fish out around $7.7 million, you can get a Bugatti Chiron sportscar to park in that ground-floor garage and use to explore around once you’ve settled at the campground.

Liberty Coach Fairfax Edition: From $2.2 million 

If you prefer a sleek, minimalistic and ultra modern interior with a light color scheme and a touch of elegance, the Liberty Coach Fairfax Edition would be a solid choice among the most luxurious RV models. In addition to refined design plus quality finishes and materials throughout, this elite coach uses the finest appliances available from top-tier manufacturers, as most evident from the well equipped kitchen galley. 

Special features that set this fancy camper apart is its top-of-class entertainment system with the exclusive KEF speakers praised for having the greatest sound on wheels in the industry. The very latest navigation software and the custom iPad control system are only two of the many handy features that would make your life as comfortable as possible on the road.

Newell p50 Coaches: From $2 million

Despite the inconvenience that you have to make a trip to the state of Oklahoma if you want to buy a Newell Coach, this model is still highly sought after and praised as one of the best luxury RVs out there. For about $2 million, you have more than what you would ever need for traveling 365 days a year, plus plenty of options so that you can customize your dream home on wheels to your heart’s content.

What’s special about Newell’s luxury motorhomes is that they are not conversion, but their custom-engineered bodies and chassis are built from the ground up to be a high-end home on wheels. motorhome. Newell’s p50 elite coaches, in collaboration with longtime partner Porsche Design, is a celebration of the company’s 50th anniversary.

The 2019 Newell p50 includes two full bathrooms, which is hard to find even among the most luxurious RVs in the world. They are also known for their unmatched entertainment system, including XM satellite radio, high performance Anthony Gallo surround sound speakers, a 28-inch LG LED television in the dining area, another 49-inch LG 4K UHD smart TV in the living room, plus an extra 49-inch LG 4K UHD smart LED TV in the bedroom.

2018 H3-45 Millennium Luxury Coach: From $2 million

What sets Millennium apart as a luxury coach builder is their dedication to craftsmanship, notwithstanding their staying up to date with the latest technology so that you get the best of both worlds.

For around $2 million dollars, you get some of the finest, most sophisticated interior in the industry with mostly hand-built, handmade components, fittings and accessories made by seasoned craftsmen and artists, which can be customized to your exacting measurements. 

Anderson Mobile Estates — Anderson Collection: From $2 million

If you demand a high level of customization, then Anderson Mobile Estates takes it to the next level. The brand caters to Hollywood royalty like Brad Pitt, Jim Carrey, Will Smith, and Vin Diesel, to name just a few. You want it, they can have it done, no matter how over-the-top or peculiar your needs are.

Due to the endless customization possibilities, prices vary widely between projects, but expect to pay upwards of $2 millions if you want something exotic and one-of-a-kind like Will Smith’s famous two-story trailer concept. Their projects for Hollywood A-listers are much talked about on the Internet, so check out what they are capable of.

Marathon Coaches: From $1.8 million

Marathon Coaches is the world’s largest luxury bus converter and has been making some of the best luxury RVs for more than 30 years.

For $1.8 million and above, you get a wide range of state-of-the-art amenities patented by the company in a five-star hotel on wheels that can be customized extensively. Marathon has a superb in-house team of engineers, craftsmen and designers to create your dream motorhome, who offer the flexibility of working together with clients remotely.

The furniture, fixtures and interior finishings are all custom built and handmade using the highest quality of wood and fabric available, including porcelain tile flooring with underfloor heating and handmade glass sinks. Entertainmentwise, on top of the two 49-inch LED televisions, the coach also boasts commercial grade Wi-Fi and two satellite dishes with three receivers.

EarthRoamer HD: From $1.7 million

Among the best luxury RVs out there, the most rugged, self-sufficient expedition motorhome is probably the EarthRoamer XV-HD.

This is a rare four-wheel-drive home on wheels that is well equipped with substantial fuel, water, battery and solar capacity to survive extended trips in the most remote corners on Earth. The EarthRoamer is true to its name, and is loved by the outdoorsy, adventurous travelers who don’t want to compromise comfort on the road.

Notable features include a massive rooftop solar array, a 250-gallon fresh water tank and a 115-gallon diesel fuel tank meant for extended offgrid stays, and a hydraulic leveling system for setting down on rough terrain.

Newmar King Aire: From $1.3 million

Among the most expensive class A motorhomes, the King Aire by Newmar is a well known name. In this top-of-the-line 45-foot rig, luxury appointments abound, including customizable interior materials and finishes, quartz countertops in the 1.5 bathroom, Italian leather sofas, powered and heated theater seating with massage, hardwood cabinetry, top-tier residential appliances in the kitchen, inside and outside entertainment system with multiple TVs and a Bose sound system, and much more. 

Foretravel Realm: From $1.3 million

The Foretravel Realm is another one of the very best luxury RVs on the market that offers the rare feature of two full bathrooms, one of which even comes with a hydrotherapy tub to boot.

In addition to the top-of-the-class and highly customizable, hand built interior amenities and details, the Foretravel Realm has made a name for itself thanks to its exclusive Spartan K4 Chassis and a complete package of safety technologies. It’s not only a dream to live in this elite coach but it’s also a dream to drive around in.

Renegade Ikon: From $800,000

Among the best luxury RV units below $1 million, the Ikon by Renegade RV is one of the most popular thanks to its 600 HP engine and 30,000 pounds of towing capacity, making it the most powerful luxury motorhome to date. 

For about $800,000, you can get a second private bathroom plus a host of lavish features, including heated porcelain tile floors, fine leather furniture, quartz countertops, and name-brand appliances.

Best Luxury RV: Other More Affordable Brands To Check Out

If you don’t want to spend more than half a million dollar for a motorhome packed with quality amenities and finishings, check out these “affordable” luxury RV manufacturers below, whose offerings deliver excellent value for money:


Entegra is a well known name in the under-$1 million luxury RV category. Available at around $700,000, their best selling model Cornerstone is no doubt one of the best luxury RV when it comes to value for money.

Although it might pale in comparison with the above offerings in terms of extravagance, careful craftsmanship and luxury appointments abound, including real wood and Italian leather furniture throughout, plus quartz countertops and porcelain tile floors.


Airstream is the maker of the Instagram worthy, vintage looking full-aluminum rigs that everybody loves. That said, Airstream RVs are loved not only for their unique aesthetics but also for their commitment to quality, attention to details and focus on user experience. 

For a reasonable price, Airstream offers a surprisingly high level of comfort on top of a sophisticated aesthetic that many refer to as luxurious, including high quality furnishings, handcrafted wood cabinetry, sleek name-brand appliances, a heated shower floor, power blinds, and a Smart Control Technology system so you can adjust everything at a push of a button. 


Tiffin is a smaller, family-run business that takes pride in working closely with each customer to deliver the best customized solution at a more competitive price than its competitors that offer the same level of comfort. 

Space Craft

SpaceCraft is a lesser known name, but if you prioritize living space and customization, this brand makes absolutely superb custom home on wheels.

Their biggest RVs are as long as 57 feet, and can offer multiple bedrooms on top of all the residential grade amenities you would ever need, so you can travel comfortably in large groups but still get to enjoy space and privacy.


Bowlus caters to somewhat more of a niche in the “affordable luxury” category. If you love the shiny aluminum-body Airstream but prefer a more modern design, the eye-catching, peculiar-looking travel trailers by Bowlus are worth a look.

Although the brand offers only three model of travel trailers, they are all fully equipped with everything you would ever need for year round traveling, plus rare features like slide-out pet bowls, a Pet-Flex system that monitors temperatures when you leave your four-legged friends in the rig, a built-in water filtration system, a HEPA air filter with UVC and much more. 

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