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How Much Does An RV Inspection Cost?

When you’re buying an RV, it’s super important to get it inspected before signing the document. As much as we all want to believe every rig is in tip top shape, sometimes appearances can be deceiving. An apparently new RV can have all kinds of problems hidden, like broken brake lines, molded walls, depleted batteries, you name it.

How much is the RV inspection cost? And is it worth it to avoid nightmare repairs? Find out the estimated amount you have to spend for this purpose. 

What Factors Determine the RV Inspection Cost?

There are several things that regulate the inspection cost. 

RV Size

One big factor is the type of rig you have. Makes sense right? A big class A motorhome is going to take more time to look over than a little travel trailer.

Also, the bigger the RV, the more stuff inside it for the inspector to check out. You got appliances, plumbing, electrical, and structural components. So, a camper inspection would likely be cheaper than a 40 foot monster Class A.

Level of Inspection

The other thing that plays a role is how thorough you want the inspection to be. You can choose a basic one where the inspector will look for only some major issues. It’s a Level 1 inspection that gets the job done but may miss many smaller yet important things. 

If you really want every component of the RV to be checked, go for a Level 2 inspection. They will check all your fluids, do diagnostic tests, and look into every nook and crannies. But that extensive work means it’ll cost more hours of labor and more fees.

Inspector’s Experience and Qualification

Experience matters a lot. A guy who’s been doing it for 20 years is going to do a more comprehensive job than a newbie. So, typically the top experts in the field will charge a bit extra since you’re paying for that expertise.

How Much Does an RV Inspection Cost?

An inspection is basically a one-time checkup from a professional inspector. They examine everything outside and inside the RV unit to catch any issues. Because down the line, any repairs or replacements can end up costing you a hefty amount. 

Since we’ve already discussed the factors that affect the price, let’s go over some actual numbers. How much is an RV inspection?

Depending on the factors discussed above, the total cost can range between $200 and around $1200. Of course a tiny Class B campervan will be on the lower end of that. And a 45-foot motorhome inspection? Better be prepared to pay closer to 1200 dollars.

Travel trailers and campers are usually in that $150-300 area. Small and simple means a quicker check over. The travel trailer may cost a little more since they got more things like appliances and electronics. 

Now as far as level of inspection, a Level 1 is your basic service that can cost around $200-500. A Level 2 is what we’d recommend if you’re not super familiar with RVs. If you take this service, the inspector will take their time and check everything inside the rig. But with the extra elbow grease comes extra cost, usually around $500-1000. 

how much is an RV inspection
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What Is Included in an RV Inspection?

What all these inspectors are actually looking at when they check your RV?

They always start on the outside. Checking over the paint, looking for dents or rust, giving the roof a good examination. Can’t forget to crawl under there and inspect that underbelly too. Making sure no critters took up residence or the frame isn’t rotting away.

Then, they move on to all the drive components. They note down whether everything including, suspension, brakes, and the engine, are operating smoothly. These components should not have any weird noises or leaks.

They also check the fluid levels, transmission fluid, and power steering. Nothing should be running low or contaminated. 

Once the outside’s inspected, they’ll head inside. A pro inspector will check everything, from the walls to wiring, plumbing, and appliances. 

The RV inspection cost will depend on how much they are covering. 

Do You Need to Take the Mandatory State Inspections?

RV inspection is optional but some states have made it mandatory. In some places, if your motorhome or travel trailer is a certain age, it’s got to pass a mandatory state inspection. Usually, this is just checking things like emissions, brakes, and lights to make sure it’s roadworthy from a safety perspective.

They’re pretty basic checks compared to a full professional inspection. More focused on mechanics and not really looking at interior components. 

So if you’re moving cross country or even just cross town, look up inspection requirements where you’re headed. These mandated checks are standard procedure in lots of areas.

Other than that, it’s your choice whether you do a more thorough professional inspection too. Just remember that it could make all the difference come sale time too. Buyers like to see that your rig has been inspected by a professional.

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