Good Sam Roadside Assistance reviews

Good Sam Roadside Assistance Reviews: Is It Right for You?

When you’re exploring the open road in your RV, the last thing you want is to get stuck somewhere. Dealing with a flat tire or broken parts in a trailer is much more challenging than a broken car. But there are services to get your back, and Good Sam is one of the biggest among them. 

Want to know if they’re really worth calling on in your time of need? Read my Good Sam Roadside Assistance reviews.

What Good Sam Offers

Before reading the reviews of Good Sam Roadside Assistance, you should know what services the company actually offers. 

Good Sam has been around helping RVers for around 40 years now. They got their start in 1984, providing roadside assistance specifically for motorhomes and travel trailers. Since then they’ve helped tons of families just like yours get back on the road when things go wrong.

The company has improved its service over all those years. Their mechanics are fully trained to work on the big rigs. You won’t see any regular car guys trying to figure out your slide-out issues. 

Good Sam offers three different plans, so you can pick the coverage that fits your budget and needs. The basic plan takes care of the essentials like tows, jumpstarts, and flat tires. Step it up and repairs are included too. Go top of the line and you get even more perks.

No matter which you choose, they’ve got you covered if your truck breaks down pulling your fifth wheel. They’ll tow both vehicles to a shop. And when you get a flat tire, they’ll send someone to swap it out. 

Good Sam’s RV technicians are just a call away for troubleshooting. The service surely saves you from panicking on the side of the road. 

Good Sam Roadside Assistance Reviews

Now frankly, whenever someone wants to sell you a membership for something, the scam alarms start going off, right? If you search online, including RV forums and other related websites, for Good Sam rating, you’ll get a mixed bag of responses. 

Good Sam Roadside Assistance reviews

Let’s explore the positive and negative sides of Good Sam Roadside Assistance reviews.


Well, let me ease your mind, Good Sam is the real deal.

Sure, people leave some grumpy reviews online now and then. But there are numerous positive reviews too. In most cases, they will come through when you give them a call. 

Now the local technicians they send out might vary a bit. If you break down in the city, probably less wait time than the middle of nowhere. But that’s just the name of the game with any roadside help, if you ask me. 

At the end of the day, would you rather take your chances trying to get help from other motorists? Good Sam takes the stress out of breakdowns, so you can enjoy your trip without any worry.


No service is perfect, so let me touch on a couple other things I’ve heard. Like with any membership, it’s super important to give the fine print a good read before signing up. Make sure you know exactly what is and isn’t covered.

Some people online give negative Good Sam Roadside Assistance reviews because they apparently did not fully understand the limitations of their package. But honestly, just take the time up front and that won’t be you. It’s just like reading your auto insurance to save hassle later on.

Also, if the tow crew in your area happens to be really busy, it may take a bit for them to get to you. But let’s be realistic. If it’s a busy Saturday evening, any roadside company could have delays. It doesn’t mean Good Sam won’t come, just may take a little longer is all.

Personally I’d rather wait an extra hour and know help is coming, instead of being stranded with no one to call. As long as they do actually arrive like they promise, some patience is all it takes on your end.

But in the end, even with a hiccup here or there, most people would still say Good Sam RV Roadside Assistance is well worth the money for the peace of mind.

Is Good Sam Roadside Assistance Worth It?

So after weighing the Good Sam reviews, is a membership actually worth the investment? In my opinion, definitely.

The reality is there just aren’t many dependable options out there for RV roadside help. Most regular companies want nothing to do with bigger rigs like ours. So, having someone with RV experience like Good Sam is a blessing for many RVers. 

Also, have you priced what it would cost if something breaks and you had to pay for a tow or repairs yourself? The expenses could be several hundred, if not over a thousand bucks. With a Good Sam plan, all that risk is covered for way less.

Just be sure to do your research on the perks each subscription plan offers. Pick one that meets your needs while fitting your budget. It’s an investment to protect your much bigger investment—the RV.

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