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Extreme Cold Weather RV: Enjoy Winter With Our Top 5 Picks

So, what are you going to do when the weather outside turns frightful? How are you going to stay warm, cozy, and safe on your next expedition? Camping with an extreme cold weather RV is the only solution.

The best rated cold weather RV campers have all the comforts of home without sacrificing any of the adventures. No place is off-limits with amenities like fireplaces, thick insulation, and a central heating system. With these RVs, you can camp in Maine and Alaska even in the winter months—all while watching TV in your pajamas.

5 Best Extreme Cold Weather RV Campers

A couple of cold weather travel trailer manufacturers make RVs that can withstand extremely low temperatures. The trailers have thick insulation that prevents heat loss and freezing weather from getting inside.

Let’s discuss the five best extreme cold weather RV campers that can keep you toasty warm in freezing temperatures. Not all of them are four season rigs, but they are good choices for winter camping.

1. Heartland Bighorn Fifth Wheel

For anyone looking to get to Alaska, we recommend Heartland’s Bighorn Fifth Wheels. It’s an all-weather vehicle and comes with a dozen floorplans to suit every budget and family size.

A number of features make these RVs perfect for those who want to spend extended time in cold conditions: a 42,000 BTUs furnace, floor-heating system, insulation throughout the trailer, and a heated underbelly.

It has a modern bathroom with Plumb-PEX water lines, and the bedroom is super cozy with a king-sized bed and memory foam mattress. Also, the RV is equipped with plenty of storage, modern appliances, and entertainment systems.

If you want comfort and adventure, this is the right trailer for you. It can handle even the most extreme conditions. You’ll be able to ride out any blizzard while still enjoying your favorite Netflix shows on an LED TV in your living room.

2. Northwood Arctic Fox Classic 22G

This baby’s ready for anything. It’s undoubtedly one of the best extreme cold weather RV trailers. You can use it throughout the year because it’s actually a four season camper.

Heated underbelly, insulated in-roof A/C duct system, and fiberglass side walls are just a few of the features that can help you live comfortably while traveling across the country.

Some people may consider the 25,500 BTU propane furnace a bit underpowered. But the Arctic Fox makes that up with thick all-around insulation, thermal pane windows, and an enclosed underbelly.

And if you want an RV with all of these high-end amenities and more? It’s got you covered there, too. You get a queen-mattress bedroom, full-tub bath, porcelain toilet, and many other amenities.

3. Keystone Montana Fifth Wheel

When you’re looking out over a snowy wooded landscape, hearing the sound of wind crunching through snow, and breathing in freezing air, only a few RVs can help you survive out there. And Keystone Montana is one of them.

The luxury fifth wheel is built with radiant technology in the roof that heats up inside the camper, while insulated double-layer supported fiberglass sidewalls keep the cold outside.

The state-of-the-art dual thermostat will regulate your temperature from the inside or out to ensure that you stay warm and cozy, and the free-flow air conditioning at 15k BTUs will keep you cool as a cucumber on summer days.

Each fifth wheel has a queen-size bed on one end, with a comfortable mattress to ensure a restful night’s sleep after a long day. The kitchen is fully stocked with all cooking necessities. The only con is the price tag, but it should be your go-to choice if budget is not a problem.

4. Jayco Redhawk 26XD Class C Motorhome

Warm and cozy, the Redhawk 26XD is ideal for winter camping. It’s well-designed to be an extreme cold weather RV.

When we say it’s perfect for winter camping, that means EVERYTHING is insulated—floor, roof, walls—so you can be sure you won’t feel any chill while you’re out there sipping your cocoa and watching the snowfall by moonlight.
A heated storage tank under the exterior with an enclosed underbelly helps keep your water from freezing.

The queen-sized master suite has a power-retractable slide out in the rear as well as an enclosed bathroom with a shower. The kitchen and living place are in an open area, so you can cook and entertain while talking to your friends. It’s a full kitchen with a refrigerator, oven, and microwave.

With all of these great options, you can be comfortable no matter where you are. Campers will love this model because it gets them even deeper into the wild, where they can experience nature at its most extreme, and they do it knowing they’re protected from all the dangers of harsh weather elements.

5. Forest River Arctic Wolf

The Arctic Wolf is a high-quality RV designed for an incredible experience in the great outdoors during cold weather. It’s got six floorplan options, so you can choose the one that’s right for you.

From the two available packages, Arctic and Extreme Weather, choose the second one if you’re planning on camping in some frigid places.

It has fiberglass high-gloss sidewalls, complete insulation with a heated underbelly, and even a 35,000 BTU furnace, which will keep the interior warm even on the coldest nights. And it also has complete insulation, so no matter how low the mercury dips, your family is gonna be nice and warm inside.


Winter camping is fun. There’s just one thing: it can be a little, uh, cold. For that reason, we have created a list of the best extreme cold weather RV campers. Regardless of how low the temperature gets, you don’t have to compromise comfort for functionality in these RVs.

Don’t have to suffer through the winter with a dinky little camper. Choose one from this list and enjoy your winter camping to the fullest.

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